Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Choose the Right

Hey Friends and Family!
   How is everyone!? well, if you must know, I am fanstastic! Elder Holt is finally gone! He left for home last Thursday, so there are finally just two of us! Its pretty awesome. Not too much has gone on this week, well, actually A LOT has happened this week just not anything like miraculous or crazy. Come on, im in Kentucky what do you expect? Just kidding. We have moved a TON of people this past week. We moved i think four families in 3 days! it was fun! Service feels so good! I wonder why?... jk i know why! Becasue "When you are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are only in the service of your God!" We moved a family from one apartment to another in our apartment complex. They are members of our ward and just last night they told us to stop by on our way home. So we did and they welcomed us with big smiles and were like "you missionaries are real lifesavers!" and they gave us Powerade and Lindor White chocolates.. (you know the chocolate thats made in heaven! yeah that kind...). We were kind of suprised as to how greatful they were. But then again Elder Ith and I were the only ones who helped them move (none of the elders quorum showed up). This family kept telling us how proud our mothers would be and that Heavenly Father was happy with us. It was cool to feel of the Spirit just from service.
   I have been teaching a lot more now that there are just 2 of us and I LOVE it! Last week we went over to an investigators house that we had been trying to teach for a while. Every time we had seen him before he was drunk. So this time we pull into his driveway and we see him in the garage with some friends. and of course, they were all drinking. So we decided to just say Hi and hopefully set up an appt. But this guy was like "Ive got time right now. If you want to teach me something, teach me now!" and he was kind of rude about it in a scary way so Elder Ith and I looked at eachother and just decided to go with it! haha. So we ended up teaching the 1st lesson about the Restoration of the Gospel and gave a Book of Mormon to this investigator and his 2 other drunk friends in the garage. It was pretty interesting. Try to imagine that! Two missionaries standing in a garage with 3 drunk guys, teaching them the 1st lesson! good times indeed.
   Another great experience of teaching happened just last night at our dinner appt. with some members. We had been instructed by the assistants to the President earlier in the week to teach the 1st lesson to the members whenever we go over for dinner. So after dinner we sat down and Elder Ith started the lesson. Then out of nowhere i just took over and finished teaching the lesson and the Spirit was SO Strong! It was a fantastic evening. That wasnt like a big story or anything so sorry bout that, it was just a wonderful lesson. Anyways, something i have learned this week is that lessons fall through all the time as a missionary! Its like people invite you over and then when you get there its as if they shut off all the lights close the curtains and just decide to not be home at the scheduled time of the appointment! Its so annoying and so disappointing.. especially since were on bikes. But i've learned that although these times can be way disappointing, as long as you work hard everything will be alright. The Lord knows the thoughts and intentions of our hearts and as long as you work hard and do what is right the Lord will bless you. So always remember to CTR and you should be good! haha Alright well thats about all i have time for today. I love all you guys! You are all constantly in my prayers! Stay Strong and remember who you are!
Elder Benavides
The First picture was taken at my first Zone Mtg. Thats my zone! pretty crazy guys haha. The Second picture is me and Elder Ith smilin'-it-up, (mom sent me the awesome stickers on the mirror), The Third picture is me being super excited like i always am when i receive packages and letters from home and cuz i got a package from Josh and Chelsea! and the Fourth picture is my expression of what was in the package... haha IM GONNA HAVE A LITTLE NEICE!?!?!?!?!?!? pretty fantastic news if ya ask me. Alright everyone.. have a great week!

Be an example of the believers!

A funny story about our meals... last Saturday i believe we did service all day and were treated to pizza afterwards. So we were basically forced to eat 5 pieces each. Then we had a dinner appointment where we were basically forced to eat 2 hamburgers and 2 hotdogs each (not to mention all the sides like potato salad and corn on the cob and junk like that), and THEN we had ANOTHER dinner appointment where we had ribs, baked potatos, salad, corn on the cob, AND dessert! Oh my goodness i have never eaten so much in my entire life. Elder Ith and I were so stuffed. I just wanted to sit there and cry! The sad part is that while i was trying to eat the ribs and praying at the same time that i could eat all this food i guess i started to sweat. So the members daughter said to her dad "Dad would you turn on the fan? Elder B over here is sweating!" Oh man, I havent been so emberassed in a while. haha. We didnt eat the next day. We fasted hahaha. But dang its pretty ridiculous. Im not going to get fat though i promise! As soon as elder Holt leaves this thursday Elder Ith and I have agreed to go running every morning and work out. So that should be good.
Im finally starting to accept my new life here in Burlington, Kentucky. I definitely am starting to fit in and really be the missionary that i need to be. Im working hard, playing hard, and praying hard! :) Were actually going to the driving range today with a return missionary cuz were cool and like to haev fun on our pdays! I bore my testimony in church yesterday. It was a quick testimony but i wanted the ward to know that i love them and they have a new missionary ready to serve! It was great. The spirit was strong.
Not a ton has happened this week. A few days were really slow and we actually ended up going back to the apartment and taking naps once. Thats bad, dont do it! I have repented so dont worry. I have never been so exhausted in my life though. But anyways, on the days when we arent out doing anything and are just sitting in the apartment i make sure that i am always doing something productive. I have learned how important it is to always study the scriptures! The scriptures always bring me comfort and peace and i learn something new from them everytime! 
The lesson i learned this week comes from Revelation 3:20. And if you have ever seen the picture of Christ knocking at the door, that is the picture that goes with this scripture. If you look at that picture you can notice that there is no doorknob. I thought "how is Christ supposed to get in if there is no doorknob?" What i learned is that The door is the door to our hearts. And Christ is always there waiting and knocking trying to be with us. We have to open the door on the other side so that Christ can enter into our hearts and always be with us! I know that through faith, and prayer and obedience to the commandments that we can open the door and let Christ into our lives. This thought can be applied in almost all situations of life! Wether you are feeling down or angry or lost, confused or upset just remember the picture of Christ knocking on your door and I know the spirit will help you open the door as you pray to your Father in Heaven. He loves us all so much! No man can comprehend the love our Father has for us. Im greatful for my father in heaven and for his immeasurable love that he sent his Only Begotten Son to pay for our sins. I am also greatful for You Dad! i love you so much and i cant wait to someday be with you again after my mission and discuss deep doctrine :) ive been getting into that stuff a lot lately. Its pretty intense. haha anyways, I love you all so much! Stay strong, remember who you are, and be an example of the believers!!!!!
Mucho Love,
Elder Benavides
PS heres some pictures.. Check out this door we tracted into!!!..... JK it was at a museum. And the other picture is me in the rainforest.. jk we went to a garden. it was cool. The other picture is us emailing! Its Me, then Elder Ith, then Elder Holt.