Sunday, July 29, 2012

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it!

Dear Dad and Cassandra,
You have no idea how good it is and how happy i am to hear from you!!!! I feel like i havent heard from anyone for months! I have SO much to say to you guys! I wish i could email you each individually but i only have about 40 mins to email and i have to get an email in to my mish pres. in that time as well. This past week has been insane! i am so overwhelmed with everything and ive felt pretty lost and out of place. The feelings that ive been feeling lately are no good at all. I hate them. But i know that I can get through this. My spiritual and physical strength has seriously been tested big time this past week. I really need some lovin.. I will be in my area for a solid 3 months for sure so feel free to send stuff directly to my apartment. heres my address 1853 Tanglewood Apt. #4 Burlington, KY 41005.
About the area
There are no mountains so i dont have any sense of direction out here it stinks!

First week in the field

When we got to the apartment we dropped off my bags got on our bikes (our mission is a biking mission) and rode to a nearby neighborhood and started knocking doors. It was intense. I did a few door approaches and got rejected pretty hard core it was funny. Oh and it was raining all this time so yeah we were soaked. Later that night we had dinner with a member family. It was pretty cool. So basically everything that a missionary does, I did it on my first day out in the field., In the mornings we sometimes go play frisbee golf cuz there is a course right next door to us so when i come home i will be a pro at it. I have already helped a member family move. I have already given an investigator a blessing of comfort. So yeah i have been incredibly busy this past week. It is all SO overwhelming!

On being homesick
 I'ma lot more homesick than i ever thought i could get and i have been having some serious doubts lately. Its nothing you need to worry too much about cuz i can get over it and your words always help me. Every time i am down i read the letters you and Cassandra sent me off with. Let Cassandra know that i Love her and am so grateful for her.


I'm already starving out here. All of our dinners are provided by the members each night but so far i havent had breakfast or lunch once out here. I'm okay though. Ive been in some seriously nasty homes out here. Its pretty scary. The ward I'm assigned to is awesome! the members are all really strong and loving and really love helping us missionaries out.

Love, Elder Benavides 

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