Friday, July 20, 2012

Salutations my friends!!

Can i just let you all know that this is the most bomb experience of my whole entire life? Besides going to the lake.. I have shed a few tears for the lake. How is Arizona!? i miss Arizona! being away from Arizona has made me realize how much i really really love AZ. I brag about it all the time. In fact, i met a companionship of elders going to the Tempe, AZ mission and talked to them for a while. I told them they are probably going to die from the heat. And when i told them that the Mesa temple is gonna be closed for 2 years once the Gilbert temple opens they started freaking out. it was kinda funny but sad at the same time. I'm so happy that my mission has a temple in it. Because the stinking Provo temple has been teasing me just about everyday cuz i cant go in it!! Anyways, the MTC has been good to me. very good to me. Im so excited to leave! I leave this Wednesday at 3am! i only have 1 day left!!! Its pretty crazy to think that all my life i knew i was going to be at the MTC and now my time is up! this is intense! hmm lets see, we had our last lesson with one of our investigators last Thursday. I dont think i have told you all about him. His name is Jose and he is from Guatemala. Its pretty funny cuz when we first met him he got really excited when he saw my name and that i was brown cuz all the missionaries he has met with are white. So naturally, according to my white companion, Jose took a liking towards me and directed all his attention towards me. it was funny. Anyways, in our last lesson Elder Walker and I bore our testimonies to him and then asked him to give the closing prayer. As he prayed he started crying and just offered the sweetest most sincere prayer ive ever heard. You could really tell he had a relationship with our Father in heaven. It was so awesome. I really grew to love Jose. Im gonna miss him. I cant wait to get out into the field and do this all the time! So yeah that was the spiritual experience of the week. It rained a couple times this past week. I love it! It actually lasts all day instead of like for 2 minutes like it does in AZ. Sunday was pretty bomb. My companion and i got to give the lesson in priesthood so that was cool. And we got to go to the departure devotional where they got us all excited to leave. My zone leaders left for Czechoslovakia this morning. im happy that they're gone cuz they have been here for like 9  weeks. Anyways, Ill wrap this up cuz my companero is getting impatient. I know that the work that i am doing is truly for the Lord. He has blessed me in so many ways throughout my life and continues to bless me here in the MTC. I know that he loves us all sooo much! and we can pray to our Father in heaven whenever we want and He will hear our prayers and comfort us. I heard a pretty bomb quote the other day and i was about to share it but i forgot it. It's written in my planner which surprisingly i don't have with me right now haha dang it. Don't worry i will share it next Monday! Just remember to "Work Hard. Play Hard. and Pray Hard!" yeah you can quote me on that one. :) You are all loved!
Elder Benavides

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